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25 – 26 October 2017 | Jakarta International Expo, Indonesia

Preliminary Programme

Conference Day 1: 25 October 2017

8.00am Conference Registration
8.30am Arrival of guests and VIP
9.00am Morning Coffee and Refreshments
Arrival of VIP / Guest of Honour
Opening Speech by GOH
Welcome Address by MASTEL
Panel Discussion
Indonesia: Championing the Digital Economy Roadmap

  • Trailing the development of E-Commerce & FinTech
  • 1000 StartUps by 2020 – How do we get there?
  • Regulations: Are they conducive or facilitating? How can regulators play a role to enable the growth of the Gig Economy?
The Future of Killer Application in a Digitalised and Connected World

  • Leveraging on killer apps to drive communication, business operations and real-time analytics for strategic decision making
  • How can we monetise from killer apps in today’s competitive ecosystem
  • What will be the next Killer App for tomorrow? Why is Artificial Intelligence the next Killer App?
Panel Discussion
Selling Megabits to Connect the Archipelago: Data Demand in Indonesia

  • Realising the vision: Connecting the Unconnected
  • Reviewing new technologies and approach for more effective backhaul solutions and capabilities
  • Understanding the connectivity demand on Indonesia’s most populated region, i.e. Jawa Island
  • Identifying the future potential HTS-type of connectivity that would be most beneficial and useful?
12.15pm Networking Lunch
Discovering the Borderless Potential of Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning

  • Crafting interactive Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)-based services, to improve customer service and front-line client engagement
  • Empowering Deep Learning capabilities to scale up business operations with minimum downtime
  • Realising the full potential of artificial intelligence through automated translation and functional integration
Driving towards an IoT Payoff: Keep it Simple – It’s Not Just About the Technology

  • Adoption is not monkey see monkey do: Select suitable and practical technologies suited for your business needs is key
  • Creating a truly data-driven enterprise to effectively derive real value and new business ideas
  • Taking it step by step: Understanding the correlation between big data ingestion, data security and governance
Managing the Diversity of Cyber Threats: How Should Organisations React and Prepare Their Defense?

  • Using cloud based solutions to manage continuous threat monitoring and cyberattack monitoring
  • Keeping networks open and not in isolation to reduce targeted attacks
  • Stepping up security defense as a holistic architecture for coordinated recovery from breach and attacks
  • Gaining board-level attention and buy-in on cybersecurity to ensure business continuity
Turning the “Augmented” into a Reality

  • Understanding the considerations of more hardware iteration needs with AR adoption
  • Increasing the immersive experience delivery with AR technology which gets smaller, faster and more power-frugal
  • Speed and Efficiency: Changing the way we work with in-built AI capabilities and on-the-go analytics
3.00pm Coffee Break and Refreshments
Panel Discussion
Startup Giants Fireside Chat: Builders of Future Indonesia

  • How to Build a Company That Matters? What will be the lasting value to the future generation and economy?
  • Bootstrapping: How to Invent the Future You Want?
  • Scale and Profit: How can Startups “Have It All”?
  • Future industry players and transformative initiatives on legacy sectors
Exploiting Opportunities in Big Data and the Future of Data Management

  • Deploying real-time data analytics to accelerate and scale up business productivity
  • Combining predictive models and historical data trends to enable real-time decision making
  • Optimising data-driven analytics to maximise performance and profitability
Beyond 4K: What’s the Future for Television?

  • Justifying the main force for going “pixel-less”: Upscaling from HD to UHD HDR infrastructure to stay ahead of the curve
  • What are the stumbling blocks of 8K from bandwidth, retooling, standards setting and up to content production?
  • Applications of 8K in non-entertainment/media industries and requirement for Virtual Reality (VR) Augmented Reality (AR)
5.15pm Chairman’s Closing Remarks
End of Conference Day 1

Conference Day 2: 26 October 2017

8.00am Conference Registration and Morning Coffee
9.00am Chairman’s Welcome Address
The Reality Check: Disruption is Fluid, Where Next for OTT Platforms?
·         Where do telecom operators, OTT service providers and other players fit in the value chain?
·         Monetising effectively from the millennial on-the-go users by pushing analytics driven content and media
·         Evolving with new services and value-adding mobile offerings for an enhanced and seamless user experience
Panel Discussion
Embracing a Customer-First Strategy: Envisioning the Future of TV
·         Understanding your audiences through data driven analytics to bring affordable, reliable and rich media content to everyone
·         Leveraging on multi-platform viewing to tap on advertising and revenue generation
·         Identifying new business opportunities through digital services to deliver the right content and experience
·         Maximising the consumer engagement: Building an audience for your content through live-streaming on social media platforms
Meeting the Growing Demands of Tomorrow: Unlocking the Potential of VoLTE
·         Optimising seamless roaming in the all-IP world with a single common interface between devices and networks
·         Reducing complexity for efficient voice/media and content delivery with best quality experience
·         Deploying VoLTE whilst promoting optimized spectrum use than traditional voice
11.00am Networking Coffee Break
Integrating Digital Platforms for Individual and Organisational Usability to Enhance Customer Experience and Satisfaction
·         Modernising enterprise systems into a safe, fast and intelligent platform
·         Improving disruption management for greater business agility
·         Advancing customer analytic`s to learn, engage and reach out to customers effectively
12.00pm Networking Lunch
Post Lunch Panel: Maintaining the Balance between Privacy and Trust – How to Draw the Line?
·         Discussing the issues that arise with personalisation at the expense of data privacy
·         Delving into building trust and strengthening credibility to use customer data in a responsible way and customers’ level of comfort
·         Addressing the growing concern over data privacy and the ability to secure such data in this age of data-terrorism?
Incentivising the Preparation for 5G in Powering the Future of IoT and Edge Computing
·         Leveraging on the enhanced capacity of 5G and its associated applications to bring heavy multimedia content to users
·         Revolutionising new service delivery through improved network and enhanced transmission
·         Delivering low latency network transmission(fibre/microwave) to support the evolution and growth of IoT across industries and businesses
Marching Into the Cloud: Get Your Armours Ready!
·         Rethinking information security radically – how do we evolve our traditional practices and programs with new technology
·         Understanding threat monitoring  and intelligence of your cloud to anticipate cyberattacks and stay ahead of breaches
·         Stepping up detection of malicious attacks and their types on a real time basis to reduce data compromise or loss of data assets
Panel Discussion
Cyber Sovereignty: Should Countries Impose Localized Cyber Laws and Regulations?
·         Considering potentially serious implications of the changing digital ecosystems and operate web presences that are not in line with the regulations the host country
·         Staying in line with national security and information control for the economic interest in today’s digitally connected world
·         Devising adequate cyber strategies that addresses cyber sovereignty, the changing regulatory framework, and the cross-border flow of data
·         How hard is the push for global standards and rules for cyberspace? Would we be able to reverse digital sovereignty?
3.15pm Coffee Break and Refreshments
Reactive Protection vs. Vigilant Defense: War on Data Security
·         Securing your critical information to handle sensitive data
·         Achieving visibility and control of data across unmanaged devices and the cloud
·         Building a security program to deliver real business and security outcomes
·         Designing your data protection strategy to handle malware complexity
The SDN and NFV Complementary Approach: Transforming the Operator’s Business with Architecture Efficiency
·         Understanding how network virtualisation can improve overall efficiency and costs
·         What are SDN & NFV technologies doing to bring down network investment needs in the long term?
·         What have we learnt so far? Can virtualized solutions offer the same levels of operational performance?
·         What is the impact on Organization, Processes and Tools with the deployment of SDN and NFV?
4.45pm Chairman’s Closing Remarks
End of Conference Day 2


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